Geocaching Multi-Tool - GeoMT 2011-11-24


GeoMT - The Geocaching Multi-Tool

The Geocaching Multi-Tool (GeoMT) provides several tools you might need on a multi-cache route.

• Waypoint projection
• Distance and bearing between two waypoints
• Triangulation with crossing circles
• Path intersection
• Convert waypoints between different coordinate systems:
- Latitude/longitude (WGS84 datum)
- UTM (WGS84 datum)
- Dutch grid (RD or Rijksdriehoek)
- British grid (OSGB)
• Variable digits in waypoint
- N 53.21[56]37 E 6.56[123]8 shows 6 markers for guessing a location (see screenshot)
• Text decryption:
- Rot13 (Decryption key from
- Caesar cipher
- Letter sum (a=1, z=26)
- Letter sum reversed (a=26, z=1)
- Phone sum (abc=2, def=3...)
- Roman numerals
• Distances in metric or imperial system
• Display your GPS position and use it as a waypoint
• All waypoint calculations can be displayed on a map
• Available languages: English, Nederlands, Deutsch

A full changelog, frequently asked questions and an explanation of requested permissions can be found at the application's website.
If you come across any bugs or have questions, please send me an e-mail since I can't respond to market comments.

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